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We all know what a blanket is, but do you know there is a tortilla shaped blanket hitting the internet due to its popularity. These flour tortilla blankets are famously known as burrito blanket, because you can wrap it around yourself to look like an actual burrito. Now that’s what everyone would call a human burrito. This burrito blanket can be used at any time, all you got to do is wrap it around yourself and watch movies, take a nap, go to the beach, share it with your friend in cold winter nights and most importantly when you are eating a burrito. This blanket burrito has made taking naps so easier, it is so soft and warm that once you wrap it around yourself and become a human blanket there is no coming back. This giant burrito blanket is a blanket by design, but exactly like a tortilla in shape.

History of Burrito Blanket

On March 27th, 2019, a Twitter user posted pictures of herself wrapped in the tortilla blanket looking like a human burrito. Her post gained 23,000 retweets and 119,000 likes. After her post got viral, everyone desired to have this tortilla blanket and wrap themselves around it. She introduced this human burrito blanket to the internet world. People could not believe that an actual burrito looking blanket exist. The blanket feature burn marks just like the real burrito and it isn’t full white in color but beige/brown, that gives everyone a sentimental warmth that an actual burrito can bring. It is available in different sizes and designs. You can also get a burrito blanket in rectangular size, a baby burrito blanket is also available which comes in small size, that you can put around your babies to give them warmth that only a tortilla blanket provides.

Food Blankets Cafe

There are many varieties of food blankets that you can get. A giant tortilla wraps to a heart shaped pizza blanket, and who wouldn’t love a waffle cake blanket? These food blankets are also available in rectangular shape and the size of an infant baby. People and their love of food have emerged in different shape that gives them warmth and make them feel hungry. Below you can find all the delicious food blankets.

Burrito Blanket

After this burrito blanket got viral on twitter and reddit, people started taking interest and saying that it is a must have blanket, that lead to the quickly selling out of the product. The demand for buying this tortilla shaped blanket is increasing day by day. This cozy blanket is what everybody needs to use in their daily life. People also fold it and use it like a taco blanket. The blanket is exactly what its names shows, a burrito in the size of a blanket. Pull it close to you and wrap yourself around it to become a human burrito. This is a perfect blanket for the people who love burritos. Wrapping yourself in a burrito blanket and eating a burrito at the same time, the two joys of life at once. Merge the two things you love the most, food and relaxing on a couch while watching Netflix.

This Mexican tortilla blanket is available in different sizes and designs, large enough to share with your friend like you share food. You can also get a rectangular burrito blanket or baby burrito blanket for your little babies because everyone loves to become a human burrito. This burrito wrap blanket has a soft layer which is made from breathable fabric, which makes sure that little babies stay cool. There is also a tortilla printed hat available for the babies which makes it a perfect gift. Thus, whether you’re into a throw blanket, a cover for the bed, a wrap-around blanket or a snugly, there are burrito blankets for all.

Now all you need to do is get a real burrito to eat while you’re wrapped up in the tortilla blanket on your couch. Sounds like an ideal Saturday night to us.

Pizza Blanket

Pizza blanket is just same in size and shape as the burrito blanket. These food blankets got introduced right after the burrito blanket went viral on social media. People knew everybody loves a pizza, to be honest, who doesn’t? So, boom, there you go, pizza blanket went viral and there you have it all kinds of flavors and toppings of pizza on a blanket. Turn on your TV, order a pizza and wrap yourself with a pizza blanket, that’s a perfect combo. This realistic pizza blanket is so real that it kind of make you want to eat it, but sadly you cannot! No need to worry, just buy a pizza and wrap yourself around pizza blanket. This blanket comes with different toppings just like a real pizza, only if it were an edible pizza blanket!

Waffle Blanket

Waffles are the perfect dessert, so as the waffle blanket. These blankets got famous with other food blankets that were going viral on internet. The perfect design printed on a large blanket is itself a dessert for people who loves to wrap in blankets. Most people eat waffles in breakfast too, and the perfect way to start your day is without a doubt, having breakfast of waffles while wrapped up in a waffle blanket. This soft waffle blanket is a perfect gift to give to your loved ones. A large five to seven feet size blanket with a waffle printed on it, your friends will thank you for this amazing gift.

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