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Our customers love our Baby Burrito Blanket and tell us how much they love snuggling their kids and make them look even cuter than they already are. Our Baby Burrito Blankets are both Comfy and warm with an elegant design of your favorite food. Snuggle your babies in our cozy blanket to keep them safe and warm.

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Our Baby Burrito Blankets are made with soft microfiber material that are safe to use for your babies. It keeps them safe and cozy all the time.


A Blanket loved by babies. It’s a perfect gift to give to little ones of your friends and family.

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Very cute and soft, good for a baby. Delivered a bit early. I bought it as a gift and I'm sure it will be loved!
Kaitlyn Halvorson
Bought it as a gift so I’m not opening it. Well packaged and looks good. Can’t wait to see it in use!
Jane Nicolas

Baby Burrito Blanket:

Won’t you feel like changing the way you swaddle your child?

Have not you got bored with all those simple blankets which have nothing attractive in them?

Don’t you feel like having something unique and more appetizing for your child?

What about changing your rosy cheek soft baby into the human baby burrito. It would be a fantastic idea to transform your child into a scrumptious taco.

Our baby burrito blanket pattern fits appropriately with its beige color making it more realistic for your children. Our blanket brings innovation to the idea of swaddling. A small burrito cap accompanies our blanket which makes burrito baby blanket more interesting and eye-catching.

Isn’t it amazing to have your infant’s photoshoot in our taco baby blanket? Our baby burrito swaddles blanket will let you make such memorizing and cherishing moments with your child. Our baby taco blanket will make your baby look super cute.

A Perfect Gift to Give

When you will be having your child’s welcome party there you can swaddle your baby in a burrito blanket with a cap on his head. Your baby will look stunning. Not only this, you can give our baby burrito wrap blanket to your friends as the baby shower gift. As usually it is a big hassle to think about the gift at such occasions and we have brought you a solution for this hassle. Above all, your whole family can have a burrito theme night too; we have a blanket range for adults as well as for babies. Whenever you people want to turn yourself into the real human burrito, you can swaddle your baby in the burrito blanket. It will look super cool and you all will look startling.

Great Features

Now if you are thinking about the fabric from which our burrito blanket baby is made whether it is good for your child or not. We have the answer to your concern. Our taco blanket for babies is made up of special soft polyester and cotton fabric with super-fine quality. We have used the material which could be used all around the year whether it is summer or winter. Our adorable baby blanket is made considering the size you need while swaddling a child. It is quite an interesting thing for people to have a miniature baby burrito. You can say it’s more like appetizing.

So, what are you waiting for? We have a limited stock of this adorable snuggling blanket. And, nowadays we are offering you a huge discount without compromising our quality. Grab your offer hurry up! We offer worldwide safe shipping and not only this our delivery always reach on time. We have splendid reviews from our reliable customers. We have several numbers of loyal customers around the world. You can be one of them too just try once.

You surely will love our baby burrito blanket when your child would be like a real mouth-watering cute burrito. It is something really different in the arena of swaddling to have a taco blanket for your baby.