How to Swaddle a Baby

Swaddling a baby gives him a feeling of motherly love, protection, and of course a sound sleep. Let’s learn how to swaddle through a proper step-by-step guide. How to swaddle a newborn: By swaddling your newborn, you give him a protected womb-like environment in a caressible way to pamper him warmness and coziness of a […]

How to Fold a Burrito Blanket

Finally, you have got your piece of tortilla blanket. Now, it is time to learn how to wrap it before or after usage. More to say, rolling a taco blanket is way more fun than wrapping yourself in the blanket. Wrapped blankets are not only easier to store but could also be used as back […]

How to Wash a Burrito Blanket

These comfy beige-brown blankets with burn marks are the funky fashion icon. Only this single item can satisfy your multiple needs and craving for turning into a scrumptious snack. Therefore, with such frequent use, you must thoroughly clean it regularly for long-lasting use. Cleaning Tips for a Burrito Blanket: These cozy and warm tortilla blankets […]