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How to Fold a Burrito Blanket

fold burrito blanket

Finally, you have got your piece of tortilla blanket. Now, it is time to learn how to wrap it before or after usage. More to say, rolling a taco blanket is way more fun than wrapping yourself in the blanket. Wrapped blankets are not only easier to store but could also be used as back support and a pillow. So, let’s learn step by step that how to wrap a burrito.

How to Roll a Blanket?

Step 1:

Place down the blanket on the floor in its full length. Make sure to have the dark side below so that it comes outward when folded.

Moreover, if you want to make it a sleepover backpack then put clothes in the center of the blanket with alignment as it will affect the size of burrito-wrapped in a blanket.

Step 2:

Now fold the blanket inward from two parallel sides which must be ½ or 1/3 of the original size.

Step 3:

Now in this step, make a cuff from one of any remaining unfolded sides. The cuff is made by holding some part of the blanket over it. Notice the length of the cuff should be at least 1ft in length.  

Step 4:

Now again fold the blanket from already folded size same as you did in step 2 to half or more. The creases are as per your wish of the length of the burrito you want.

Step 5:

Now in this step, you have to start rolling your tortilla blanket like a pin roll. You must start rolling from the opposite of the cuff towards it. Make sure each bend while folding must be fully tight leaving no lousiness in the rolled folds.

Step 6:

In the final step, to secure the wrapping and to make the blanket look-alike like a burrito. Unfold the cuff you made in step 3 over the whole pin-rolled blanket.

Your Burrito is Ready!

Hurrah! You have fully wrapped your baby burrito blanket. Now you can use your folded burrito in the way you want.

Helpful Tips While Wrapping the Blanket:

  • The roll’s firmness can be adjusted by the length of the folding you made in steps 2 and 4, or by how compactly the blanket is rolled in step 5.
  • The length of your taco burrito can be changed as per your demand. So, if you would like to have a longer one, then decrease the length of curves or folds in steps 2 and 4; or want a shorter and bigger one then increase the length of folds.
  • To have the uniform and easy to do wrapping of the blanket, you must put the clothes for packing as you did in 1st step in a proper orientation.
  • Even though we have recommended the cuff length of at least 1 ft. Yet, the length of the cuff depends upon the clothes you placed or the things like sleepover bags in the center to make it more finely compact.

You can use this method to fold any blanket including a Hooded Blanket, or other Food Blankets like Pizza Blanket, and Cookie Blanket.

How to Fold a Burrito Blanket