How to Swaddle a Baby - BURRITO BLANKET

How to Swaddle a Baby

Swaddling a baby gives him a feeling of motherly love, protection, and of course a sound sleep.

Let’s learn how to swaddle through a proper step-by-step guide.

How to swaddle a newborn:

By swaddling your newborn, you give him a protected womb-like environment in a caressible way to pamper him warmness and coziness of a mother lap. Keep reading for a thorough guide on steps.

  • Position the blanket: The first and foremost thing you should start with is to position the baby burrito blanket whether it’s floor, bed, or couch. After that, fold the blanket inward from one corner to about the length of your hand. Lay the baby over it with the neck and head above the blanket. The baby should be lightly dressed in a comfy position.

Note to keep in mind: If you are swaddling a baby in a raised position then always try to have your one hand over them all the time. Although, babies at this stage do not have the agility to roll over, yet in a sudden reflex they can do so. Therefore, it is always better to always take safety measures rather than an accident.

  • Tuck the left side: Now keeping the right arm of baby slightly bent under the blanket; pull over the blanket across the right side of the baby. Then, tuck it under the left side of the baby. Try to swaddle the baby with soft hands leaving it not too tight. As overtight swaddling will cause harm to newborn.
  • Fold the bottom: Now move towards the next step of folding the bottom. Take the bottom tail of the blanket and pull it towards the head of the baby. The tail will be covering the legs and feet of the baby while overlapping the left side fold. Now tuck this tail on the top-right edge. But note to leave the head and neck of the baby uncover.
  • Wrap the right side: Now steps of how to swaddle a baby are about to end. Now it is time to wrap the right side for the final touches. Pull the right side of the blanket and swaddle around the baby covering his left arm, belly and back. Now insert the loose end into the top fold near the chin.
  • Let your baby sleep: Now take a check that if baby not tightly swaddled. He should feel like a snug, not crushed. And, when they fall asleep you can lay them in their crib on their back.

Important note: A full body swaddling is not recommended after 60 days. After that, it is better to use a style that leaves their arms unrestrained. That’s because swaddling restricts the motor development of the baby.

So, by following this simple guide you can neatly swaddle your newborn baby.

baby sleeping under burrito

Is Swaddling Safe for Babies?

Parents rely on swaddling because it aids deep sleep in babies giving the same ambiance as a mother’s womb. However, this peaceful beauty sleep can be lethal for the infants: decreased arousal raised the probability of having Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS). According to the American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP). To prevent SIDS, follow these steps:

  1. Put your baby always on his back in crib.
  2. Make sure there are no extra things in the crib even not the pillows.
  3. Not to forget checking that blanket is tightly wrapped around the child; otherwise its loose end will strangle the child.
  4. Swaddling warms your baby but never let them overheat . According to AAP, sweating ,damp hair , flush cheeks, rapid breathing are the signs of overheating.
  5. In the swaddling there should be enough space between blanket and baby of two to three fingers of parents to make their baby at ease.

When to Stop swaddling your baby?

The AAP recommends that one should stop swaddling when a child is of 3 to 4 months. When usually show signs of rollover as it’s life-threatening for them. This is because of the reason, as swaddling limits body movement which in turn could hinder motor development. Hence, consider a sleep sack to keep your baby comfy and warm in a sound sleep.

How to Swaddle a Baby