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Pizza Blanket



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Our customers love to snuggle in the Pizza Blanket and tell us how much they love being a Human Pizza. Our Pizza Blankets are both Comfy and warm with an elegant design of your favorite food. Snuggle in our cozy blanket with your friends and family.

pizza blanket features

Realistic Pattern

Our Blankets are super soft and warm with a realistic pattern of your favorite food. They are made with thick fabric to keep your loved ones cozy all the time!

Loved By Kids

Kids are the biggest fan of our Pizza Blankets. These blankets are ultra-soft and cozy to keep your kids safe and warm and you worry less!

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Customer Reviews 💯

It's giant and very soft, doesn't smell anything like plastic and has two faces, one is longer-haired white and the print face is softer but with shorter hair. It's very realistic and beautiful. I love it.
Queen Hoeger
Just like in the photo and super soft. Second one I order, looks good. Best investment in money, I love pizza!
Henderson Crist

Pizza Blanket

Winter is here and the best way to stay warm in winters is to wrap yourself around your favorite food blanket. Everyone loves pizza there is no doubt in that, then what is better than eating a pizza while wrapped around a pizza-themed blanket, absolutely nothing!

These cozy food blankets are as deliciously looking as they can get. This pizza-shaped blanket is so realistic and as well soft and warm to keep your loved ones safe and cozy during these cold nights. These flannel blankets can be used indoor and outdoor, over your couch, or under a table whatever you like. It’s perfect for people who love to cuddle.

How we got this Food Blanket?

A few months back, the internet went viral with burrito-themed blanket available in different sizes, because everyone wanted to be wrapped in these blankets. This led us to the food blankets, people started buying blankets printed with their favorite food like Cookie Blanket, Rectangular Burrito Blanket, Pizza shaped Blanket, and a Baby Burrito Blanket for the little ones. There is a new kind of these food blankets which you can wear from head to toe, A Hooded Blanket!

The pizza pattern blanket is one of the most loved blanket by all. It is made with a realistic pattern and a soft fabric. People who bought it were extremely happy and totally loved the product. The only problem is that it will make you hungry for your favorite food!

Why do you need a Pizza Blanket?

Nowadays, people drink coffee in winters to stay warm and active for few hours, but in the end, we all need a blanket to stay warm for a longer time. Our pizza throw blanket is what everyone needs, a very soft and warm fabric to keep you and your loved ones cozy on these cold nights. Our blankets are made with soft flannel fabric with a realistic pizza pattern, these blankets are lightweight and can be used anywhere, whenever you want. Just wrap it around yourself like a burrito, grab a slice of your favorite pizza, and tune on to your favorite TV show, a perfect combination!

These blankets can also be used outside, on a picnic, or at the beach, use them as home decoration in your lounge or bedroom. Anything you love doing, do it with a pizza blanket. Whether you are eating a pepperoni pizza or a cheese pizza, imagine wrapping yourself with the same flavor while eating it. Pizza themed blanket is mouthwatering just like the real pizza, so don’t forget to have a pizza slice in hand or you will end up biting your own blanket.

These blankets are so lightweight that they can be used in any season. These are machine washable, available in different sizes ranging from a teen to adult, or get our giant 70-inch blanket and share it with your friend while watching Netflix or having late-night gossips.